The Pros and Cons of EV Ownership

The Pros and Cons of EV Ownership

Over the past few years, electric vehicles (EVs) have grown in popularity at a meteoric pace. With several of the world’s top manufacturers now offering all-electric options, drivers interested in EVs have a surplus of options to choose from. But this also means there’s more to consider than before when preparing to make a decision.

As with any significant purchase, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of EVs before making an investment. Thankfully, we at Carter Myers Automotive have organized this informative guide on the benefits and costs associated with EVs.

The Advantages of Owning an Electric Car

The Advantages of Owning an Electric Car

Environmental Friendliness

Perhaps the most well-known benefit of EVs is their lack of greenhouse gas emissions, which means they have significantly less impact on the environment than vehicles powered by traditional combustion engines. A widespread adoption of EVs would substantially reduce air pollution.

Electric Renewability

EVs are just part of our nation’s growing aspiration to be less dependent on fossil fuels. Considering that electricity can be easily generated from fully renewable sources such as solar power, wind, and water, driving an EV doesn’t drain the world of non-renewable resources. Additionally, electricity is less expensive to generate than gasoline, meaning the energy expenses for your EV are noticeably lower.

EVs Are Low-Maintenance

Electric engines are built in such a way that they require much less maintenance than traditional combustion engines. For example, with an EV you’ll never have to worry about oil changes again. Electric engines are also made with less components, functioning efficiently and effectively with less complex substructures. This means less sudden problems, and less money spent at the service center.


Quick, Quiet Operation

All-electric powertrains are nearly silent when operating, making for a soothing and comfortable driving experience. What’s more, because of their practical construction, there’s less components rattling around and making noise. Besides that, electric engines provide near-instantaneous throttle response whenever you step on the pedal, so they’re more than a quiet driving experience, they’re high performance, responsive vehicles.

The Advantages of Owning an Electric Car
The Advantages of Owning an Electric Car

Potential Tax Credits and HOV Lane Access

As good as the savings already are from reduced maintenance costs and cheaper energy expenses, the financial benefits don’t stop there thanks to the potential federal and state tax credits you can receive for owning an EV. Additionally, the incredible efficiency of EVs means they’re often allowed to access HOV (high occupancy vehicle) carpool lanes, even if you’re driving by yourself.

The Disadvantages of Owning an EV

Shorter Overall Range Than Traditional Combustion Engines

EVs, currently, tend to have lower total driving ranges than traditional combustion-powered vehicles. This means you may have to charge your EV more often than you would have to stop at the gas pump, and charging your EV does take longer. If you often find yourself needing to take long drives and don’t want to wait to recharge an EV, a combustion-powered vehicle may make more sense for you.

Having to Find Charging Stations

Compared to the plentiful gas stations around the United States, charging stations are unfortunately less common, particularly if you’re away from a major roadway or in a rural area. This can mean longer trips to find charging stations in unfamiliar areas or that you may have to plan excursions more carefully if you drive an EV.

Higher Prices

For now, many EVs are more expensive than their combustion-powered counterparts. However, as technology improves, EVs are expected to become both more common and more affordable for everyone.

Fewer Model Options

While EVs are quickly becoming more popular, they're still relatively new to the automotive scene and outnumbered in terms of models by traditional combustion-powered vehicles. This could mean finding the perfect EV for your lifestyle and needs might prove difficult.

Carter Myers Automotive — Your All-in-One EV Leader

Carter Myers Automotive — Your All-in-One EV Leader

At our Carter Myers Automotive dealerships we maintain a wide selection of EVs from the world’s most beloved manufacturers. Whether you’re in Charlottesville VA, Richmond, Staunton, Winchester, or Martinsburg WV, stop by so you can compare an EV to its combustion-powered competitor in person and make an informed decision. Visit a CMA’s dealership today, and step into the electric future.